Thursday 28 June 2007

Parachute oil

Marico industries in one of the largest FMCG company in India, offering a customized brands, catering to the needs of the target audience. Marico also has a very strong nation wide network, which makes the brands available for the customers. Ultimately, for a FMCG company ‘distribution’ is the core focus area. Marico is well known for its brand, Parachute coconut oil. Parachute is one among India 's Top 100 Most Trusted Brands and is the world's largest packaged Coconut Oil Brand.

Brand name: Parachute
Positioning: As a purity brand.
Target Audience: The primary target audience of ‘Parachute’ is women of all ages in both urban and rural population of India.
Pioneering idea: Parachute pioneered the idea of selling the coconut oil in plastic.
Communication: Mass communication on the platform of ‘caring’ with mother daughter theme.

Innovation strategy:
Marico followed innovation as a major strategy in building Parachute brand. The following are some example.
20 ml Parachute - a Rs 5 SKU that enables loose oil users to upgrade to Parachute.

Flip Top Cap for Parachute bottles to enhance the safety and protect the purity of Parachute

Parachute Mini - a bottle shaped small pack being sold at an MRP of Re. 1

Easy Jar of Parachute to facilitate usage especially during winters

The strategy followed by the company and the quality of the product offers a customized product in all seasons, to grab the price conscious customers and to provide value for money.

Other extensions are:
Brand name: Parachute Advanced refined hair oil and Parachute Jasmine
Target audience: Young and appearance conscious consumer.
Positioning: Focuses upon the fragrance aspect of the oil.

Brand name: Parachute After shower Hair Cream
Target audience: Young men (SEC A, B)
Positioning: Focuses upon stylish look, non sticky and nourishing aspect.

Brand name: Parachute Sampoorna
Target audience: Women customers
Positioning: Focus on providing strong hair.

Brand name: Parachute Natural shampoo
Positioning: On the platform of ‘Naturals’ which makes hair healthier.


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hi der... am a mass comm. student n have been googling over a topic i need to do a project on ...n landed up at ur website ...
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